34 Phương pháp sáng tác slogan

 Bộ sưu tập dưới đây giới thiệu 34 phương pháp sáng tác slogan

1. Ask a question
Does she or doesn”t she? -Clairol
2. Show your unique commitment
We try harder -Avis
3. Explain product superiority
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking -Timex
4. Evoke a benefit in a fresh way
Let your fingers do the walking -Yellow Pages
5. Use an emotive call to action
Reach out and touch someone -AT&T
6. Use an evocative call to action
Put a tiger in your tank -Esso
7. Use an imperative call to action
Just do it -Nike
8. Use a one-word call to action
Think -IBM
9. Use a cheeky call to action
Let us tan your hide -Crisby Frisian Fur Co.
10. Revisit a familiar call to action
Reach out and bust someone -Crime Stoppers
11. Link a product feature with an abstract need
A diamond is forever -DeBeers
12. Link a feature with your address
We corner the market -Irving Rivers Ltd.
13. Combine a feature and a benefit in the same phrase
Make yourself at home -IKEA
14. Declare a superlative feature
The world’’s #1 selling financial software -Quicken
15. Make a compelling promise
The world on time -Federal Express
16. Be whimsical
It’’s the real thing -Coca-Cola
17. Say it staccato
Soothes. Cleanses. Refreshes. -Murine eyedrops
18. Use a two-fold delivery with a twist
Common sense. Uncommon results -David Ingram and Associates
19. Address a specific need
For women whose eyes are older than they are -Robert Powers skin cream
20. Be abstract but client-centered
After all, it is your information -Authentex Software
21. Describe your product in a novel way
Liquid jewelry -Lorr Laboratories nail polish
22. Link company name to product benefit
Never forgets -Elephant Memory Systems
23. Suggest the cost of not using your product
Because so much is riding on your tires -Michelin
24. Be grotesque to make a point
Wears like a pig’’s nose -W. M. Finck & Co. men’’s overalls
25. Turn a current business maxim on its ear
Think small -Volkswagen
26. Link a well-known phrase with your product benefit
Understanding comes with Time -Time magazine
27. Brag about yourself
We take the world’’s greatest pictures -Nikon
28. Brag about your product and your client
You and Betty Crocker can bake someone happy -Betty Crocker
29. Take a breath and say it all
Finest anti-knock non-premium gasoline ever offered at no extra cost -Union Oil Co.
30. Describe your service and its #1 benefit in two words
Advertising pays -Industry maxim
31. Personify your product
Laughs at time -Du Pont paint
32. Distill your business into one phrase
The Document Company -Xerox Corp.
33. Tie your slogan to your logo
Get a piece of the Rock -Prudential Insurance Co.
34. Dare to be different
Dare to diff -LOEB Cola

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